Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals for All Your Jobs

Lakeland Sanitary & Janitor Supply carries what you need for floor-to-ceiling cleaning. From smoke odor counteractants and paper products to standard kitchen and bathroom chemicals, our team is here to help you with all your janitorial needs.

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Get hard-to-find products and exclusive lines that have become favorites with janitorial teams throughout the area.

  • Our own Lakeland Sanitary & Janitor Supply soaps, dishwashing detergents, and floor cleaners
  • Deb soaps and sanitizers
  • Gojo soap and hand cleaners for skin health and hygiene – a favorite with both hospital workers and mechanics
  • MPC floor waxes, sealers, strippers, detergents, and multi-surface cleaners
  • Zenex aerosol cleaners for windows, stainless steel, and insect issues, as well as tire shine and disinfectants

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